Living, breathing, suffocating, drowning

As everyone knows, between the heat and the lakes and pools, Summer can be a dangerous time. Even Kids who learn to swim early-on and become safe in the water are still subject to kid-behavior and intemperate kid-activity.  It only becomes worse among teens, who’s sensitivity to peer-group acceptance is increased a thousand-fold while their synaptic threshold of inhibitory response is equally lowered.  Two of the warning cries of a Yout’ about to do something incredibly stupid and dangerous are, “Hey watch this…!” and “You got a problem…?”

Equally dangerous is a legal system comprised of a simple, multi-celled, “living, breathing Constitution” – because if it lives and breathes it can be hunted down and captured, interrogated under hot lights, and water-boarded to extract a certain outcome and information.  And if that’s not forthcoming it can be drone-killed by a Nobel Peace-Prizer and his buddy the Attorney General…  The maximum elasticity of regulations should not be held at the highest level, but at the lowest level where human judgment can intervene to provide a proper, discerning outcome.  The highest-level should not be allowed to sway much for it endangers the entire edifice, whereas a small deviation at the ground level does not and may even improve it.  The People deserve a Constitution that is firm and reaches to the sky, not one that bends limply before a strong-willed tyrant, to touch the Earth.


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