Rendezvous Update: GBR v.8 – 2013!

The Gun Blogger Rendezvous is not just for gun bloggers.  If you read gun blogs, enjoy shooting or shooting sports, are interested in Second Amendment issues, or are in the shooting sports industry in some manner, you are all welcome to the Gun Blogger Rendezvous.

As we have done for the last seven years at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous, every penny we can raise goes to benefit Soldiers Angels and project Valour-IT.

If you have not attended a Rendezvous in a few years, then this is the year for you to get back into the swing of the Gun Blogger Rendezvous. The registration for the Rendezvous is only $30, and it has not changed price in eight years. For the $30, you get one dinner, two breakfasts, access to all of the events, and several trips to the door prize table. The Silver Legacy hotel and casino where we are holding the Rendezvous provides the hospitality room for us at no charge, since we book a block of rooms for the attendees.  They also provide free in room Wi-Fi for attendees (- but Wi-Fi on the floor of the Casino sucks – I think it’s a casino/gaming security thing).  (my emphasis)

Between now and the Rendezvous dates there may be additional items and benefits also added. 

It is very important that you send in your registration right away, so that we will know how many people are planning on attending. We are expecting a really good turnout this year, and it is possible that those who sign up at the last minute may not be able to get in on all of the free meals.

This year’s Rendezvous is going to be bigger and better than ever. We have some new sponsors, some new events, some new folks attending, and all of the good things from last year too! In our fundraising raffle we will be giving away at least three guns. Two sponsored breakfasts, one dinner and an all you can eat pizza feed on Saturday night will all guarantee that everyone puts on a few extra pounds at this year’s Rendezvous!

Friday evening after dinner we will be running a man on man double elimination pistol competition in the hospitality room at the Silver Legacy hotel and casino. We will be using the optical computer aided training firearm system provided by Out West Systems, so that we can use real guns but they will be shooting laser beam’s instead of bullets.  Somehow I suspect the hotel would not be very happy if we were using live ammunition!  There will be a drawing of those who compete in the Pistol Match to win one of the optical computer aided training systems. We will also have one of the optical computer aided systems in the fund raising raffle.

Another new activity this year will be the bowling ball mortar. On Sunday morning we will be launching bowling balls out into the desert with this mortar, which uses black powder as propellant. There is a video on YouTube of the same mortar getting a 22 second time with a bowling ball! That’s a long time for a bowling ball to be in the air.

Most of the usual suspects will be attending again this year along with several new folks too. We will have three separate range days.

Friday will be on the fixed target rifle range, with targets available from 25 feet to 977 yards.

Saturday we will be at the Western Nevada Pistol League range, shooting some steel targets with handguns.

Sunday morning will be fun and games with the black powder bowling ball mortar.

To see a full schedule of events, take a look at the Gun Blogger Rendezvous website.


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5 thoughts on “Rendezvous Update: GBR v.8 – 2013!

  1. Bill, I was looking forward to getting together again with you too! I think Mr. C does it the way he does because it goes into some kind of bank-escrow account, and that’s where the fundraising monies also go? Not sure. Paypal has also proven to be problematic with gun related purchases and had a big negative impact on the ’09 event, even in conjunction with Soldier’s Angels:

    • Damn. I was looking forward to seeing you again. I do wish they’d figure out how to do registrations and payments online. I barely know how to write a check any more. In fact, I may suggest to Mr. C. that we set him up with something through Paypal or somesuch….

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