Names and Faces

The Enemies of Liberty are not much cowed by their own deeply corrupted behaviors or beliefs, on the contrary they exult in them. From Kevin in AZ at Exurban League (and the gun-training blog Misfires and Light Strikes) comes, The Company You Keep:

It’s not something they like to brag about, but there several Arizona Mayors who belong to Mike “Call Me Ahab” Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG).

With dozens of mayors listed on their website and the backing of Michael Bloomberg’s billions, you’d think that Arizona politicians would be GLAD to support such an august organization. I wonder what might be holding them back…

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Members In Other States Mayors Against Illegal Guns Members In Arizona
bob_filner-150San Diego Mayor and Member of MAIG refuses to resign after sexually harassing “numerous” female city employees. phoenix_az_thumbPhoenix Mayor Greg Stanton
eddie-perez-150Hartford Connetticutt Mayor and Member of MAIG Eddie Perez arrested on corruption charges. tempe_az_thumbTempe Mayor Mark Mitchell
sheila-dixonBaltimore Mayor and Member of MAIG Sheila Dixon resigns as a result of ethics probe into corruption charges. tucson_az_thumbTucson Mayor Jonathon Rothschild
langford-150Birmingham Alabama Mayor Larry Langford found guilty on 60 counts of bribery in Federal court. paradise-valley_az_thumbParadise Valley Mayor Scott LeMarr
will-wynn-150Austin Texas Mayor and MAIG Member Will Wynn convicted of assault for choking man outside of a party. avondale_az_thumbAvondale Mayor Marie Lopez Rogers
kwame-kilpatrick-150Detroit Mayor and MAIG Member Kwame Kilpatrick convicted on corrunption, bribery and assaulting a polica officer. tolleson_az_thumbTolleson Mayor Adolfo F. Gamez
gary_becker-150Racine Mayor and MAIG Member Gary Becker arrested and jailed on child pornography charges. oro-valley_az_thumbOro Valley Mayor Satish I. Hiremath

With friends like these, who needs criminals? I wonder how long it’ll be until Stanton, Mitchell et al realize that taking Mayor Bloomberg’s money is supporting criminals, and opposing the rights of Arizonans to defend their lives is the REAL crime that’s going on here.


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