Sad Flapjacks

I’m not really sure what to say about this except it sure ain’t Miss. Wermuth in 8th Grade English…she was a hottie.  These fat Union gasbags are not and the decline of Education in the US can be directly attributed to such antics.


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2 thoughts on “Sad Flapjacks

  1. What does that sadsack spinning the discs, and the fatties dancing to it, have to do with education?
    You’re right, this is what it has descended to, and why….

  2. Wow, I won’t complain about my German Home Ec teacher that thought learning how to make stewed prunes was the key to a happy home.

    I taught at the university level for a short period, between flying gigs, what I saw was enough to chase me from academia screaming, very quickly.

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