The Mountain Redoubt

DSC01193Ceiling treatmentPacking my files into a banker’s box and wrapping the small nick-nacks of my past in bubble-wrap – this move is beginning to feel very REAL.  The Mighty KTM has a new home in the Mountain redoubt and the interior of the kitchen has been cleansed of the oak-framed monstrosity of fluorescent tubes and converted to a tray-ceiling that will house a nice light of our own choosing.

On-going efforts include re-facing the chimney and a meeting with the stone-mason who will install dry-stack ledge-stone over the red and white and black brick. Then there’s all that chiffon-yellow to paint-out.

Back at the now temporary-home, the feeling of packing up a bookcase full of mementos seems a bit solemn and should be better extemporized by someone like Brigid… but it gave me occasion to evaluate some things and discard some others.  There’s still a lot of crap to simply move, and the reloading bench is one of the heavy items.  How did I ever get so much STUFF??Happy Flag Day!  And then the entire Garage Mahal (which has grown numerously and sprouted new cabinets) needs to be dismantled and transported – with a new wiring octopus at the new location to attend-to… It’s crazy.  Happy 4th of July!

BTW – Still want to get a dual-sport. Tip to on-line bike-sellers: Showing a pic of a bike with a paddle tire at Pismo may not be the best selling point: sand/salt/extended high-revs – stuff happens…


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7 thoughts on “The Mountain Redoubt

  1. Hey Claus best wishes for you and the Mrs. up in the Mother Lode. We will be moving into temporary housing in August which will be our staging area for a move out-of-state.

    PS Thanks for the slide rule it’s just the perfect size.

    • It’s gonna be crazy. I wish it could all happen in one big-ass push, but it’s going to be a long drawn-out bloodletting – and a crazy-strange time when the inflatable mattresses switch places.

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