Spick and Span

It was supposed to have been professionally cleaned but it was not. There was dust and traces of cat everywhere in the wall-to-wall carpet, so we cleaned: six rooms, five closets, and four ceiling fans. And then we cleaned them again. The Costco Rug Doctor Went through almost two whole bottles of concentrated carpet-shampoo (with anti-allergen stuff!), and a new Oreck vacuum cleaner helped capture the fur that was everywhere, even six-feet up on walls where the A/C had floated it.
The big 20″x30″x1″ A/C filter looked like it had never been changed – not in a year at least, and dripped soot and dust and crud all the way from the hallway to the outside garbage can when I removed it – after that our exploding eyeballs and sinuses started to settle down, but we went through three boxes of Aloe-lotion Kleenex and my nose still looks sand-blasted.
I’m not allergic to anything as far as I know and I’ve been medically tested – but the overwhelming quantity of dander and dust and soot and everything airborne and encrusted and embedded and perfumed was still too much for my system. We’ll probably peel-up the 21’x14′ family-room carpet, and while hoping to find wood underneath will install it if it’s not already there – but the carpet is shot.
I don’t hate cats, but I’ve never been a “cat person” or had one as a pet, and never will now. I don’t suppose a couple of dogs would have been any better but hardly much worse either, two indoor-only fluff-balls can do a lot more damage and leave more “residue” than most people would even think possible.
The chimney guy said it was pretty bad after he got through cleaning it. Duraflame fire-logs don’t burn hot enough to remove their own waxy residue, but hot enough (or enough of them burnt) that the bottom of the firebox was cracked and needs replacing. We’ll get that done on another trip.
Good news is the termite damage and dry-rot was all cut out and replaced, and there was about three gallons of exterior paint remaining in the basement that was still in good shape to re-paint, so all the major considerations are done and complete including the new washer/dryer that was delivered on Friday. What a week!!
The sunset views are spectacular from the enormous deck, and you can see more stars and constellations than I remember from Boy Scouts – stuff you just don’t get down here in The Valley or by The Bay. The people are super friendly and the children are well behaved. We were on constant shopping expeditions in between cleaning, and saw a lot of young moms with kids in tow. There was not one instance of a pitched-fit or even a kid with an electronic pacifier. They played quietly or watched silently or walked hand-in-hand, and interacted freely if you made a face at them. They said “Yes sir” and “Yes Mam” and “Please” and “Thank-you” at ever appropriate turn. In fact a young girl walking and talking with her dad at Safeway in the evening came past us, and as I moved the cart to accommodate their passage, without hardly missing a beat in her conversation with her dad she paused and said, “Thank you,” having noticed. I was simply astonished. Low expectations maybe, but I think I’m gonna like it.


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    • It was a week of bloody work – but nothing worthwhile comes free!! Now we know when to put-out the garbage bins – and who the gardeners are. 🙂 There’s a lot of rock with plants interleaved in between – nicely done and mature.

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