Making Moves

We’re pre-packing a bunch of stuff for a load-out trip, and I was thinking of what services we want at our next location.
We’ve never had cable or satellite, and generally avoided any monthly entertainment service with re-occurring costs including Netflix – just any subscription-based enterprise. Having worked in that end I know how the nickle-and-dime effort goes – just kick-in for the lifetime-buy (like NRA Life membership!) and swallow the anchor once instead of many times.
Not having CableTV or even a Smart-Phone Contract (our phones are stupid pay-as-you-go and without even GPS) has saved us thousands of dollars in the budget and enabled yearly trips to Hawaii, so I’m really reluctant to go off the Reservation, but out on the fringes we still want Internet connectivity.
AT&T says they don’t even serve the area with just DSL and no-phone, and are pulling up stakes whenever service ends – so no more Internet from that gang.
The previous owners had DirecTV (or Dish?) and I think there’s a pizza-box dish bolted to the deck railing, but we’re also in a location where a plain old broadcast antenna should work quite well.
I’m really at odds with buying a service that has lots of content that I’m completely uninterested in – Animal Planet, Nickelodeon, Discovery KIDS! – WTF? The whole channel package/bundle is too exhausting to even begin analyzing, especially when you know it’s been assembled by some GSB (Grad-Skool of Biz) genius who’s massaged a dozen 300-column spreadsheets to find a way to extract every possible penny out of your pocket, with the least amount of effort and service expended.
Dish network is attempting to entice me with something I don’t even want – an iPad? The only Apple product we own is an old iPod Classic – it doesn’t do anything except music, and it not-does it nicely. I really hate iTunes anyhow, the device is more of a storage unit than anything.
There’s (always) the hideous specter of Comcast lurking like an evil troll in shadows behind a rock – but I really-really hate them.

And today I guess Verizon is TOTALLY out of the question, for any purpose whatsoever. DEAD to me.

UPDATE: Went to the mail-box. I don’t know who keeps issuing this stuff, but I scored another patent-award – #8!! Yay me!


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9 thoughts on “Making Moves

  1. Typically, to get any vehicle racing (motorcycles!), and shooting shows, requires the highest dollar level on any of the tv type suppliers.

    Unfortunately, sounds like you will have to go with Comcast to get your internet.

    Btw, a roommate just got Comcast for $19.95/month! TV+’net! One year service. Had to spend some time ragging on them to get it. Seems some telemarketer made the offer to him at a previous location, and he decided now to take them up on it. Went round and round, with multiple people at different places, but got it. Persistent bugger.

    • Seems I was in error. $19.95 EACH, for tv and ‘net. So, $40 total. Still, beats the heck out of the other roomie who is paying well over $100/mo.


  2. I’d go Amazon Prime. You get free 2 day shipping and all kinds of free video streaming plus free access to their Kindle lending library. $80.00 per year!

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