Gettin’ with it – sorta not

The 100-degree fever broke yesterday, but my throat still feels like it was hit with a blow-torch and the ropes of yellow sinus goop are still running down the hawse pipe. Bleh.
So, more and more information emerges despite the Media whiteout about the IRS investigating political enemies and other out-of-control administrative agencies? It just sounds like another day in One-Party-Rule Californicopia. Meanwhile the idiots in Sacramento are continuing their illegal and UN-Constituitional charge against the 2nd Amendment, competing just to see who can lay a bigger turd then the other. It’s way past being a San Francisco bathhouse pissing-match among the Chicken-hawks anymore.

UPDATE: Good news is that in an ENTIRELY Grassroots effort, Colorado suck-weasel Sen. John Morse has two-times the number of required re-call signatures and is TOAST – Recalled: The recall is the first recall of a Colorado legislator in the state’s history.

The Recall Morse effort was 100 percent grassroots. Rob Harris, the leader of the effort, has never been involved in politics before. What got him involved was Morse’s dismissive attitude towards an email he sent Morse about gun control laws. “He said it was abusive,” Harris says, “which it wasn’t.” Refusal to listen to his constituents is par for the course for Morse, who on national television described how he counseled fellow senators to ignore their constituents’ email and calls and vote for the gun control bills.
That arrogant attitude was cited more than any other by people signing the recall petition. A large number of people signing the petition said they had voted for Morse and wanted to fix their mistake.
“We want a representative, not a ruler,” Harris said. “Morse has tried to be a ruler and we’re firing him.”

We need some of that here in California, that’s for damn sure – but the lotus eaters just get a dreamy look on their faces and with a limp finger swipe at their magical self-reflection devices…


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