Chimp Feet Moi

I haz ’em too, and can pick-up things with ’em. Always have been able to do that and their flexibility (and spontaneous movement) seems to bug She Who Must Be Obeyed…

But, after three weeks walking around Paradise just in flip-flops they’s a bit sore from all the flatlander pounding I put to ’em – so I got some orthotics to put in the boot. Weird.  Superfeet insoles I’m familiar with, but these have a strange-feeling additional cushion in ’em at the ball of the foot. We’ll see how it works out.  Makes shifting the 530i feel a bit strange, but today I must since the Furd is in the shop having its 65K Spa-day.  Also, both the great Lowe boots’ interiors are now flat as a pancake after two, two-day exercises with Mr Louis on plain unvarnished concrete, and are in need of some re-cushioning…

In other news, beyond craft-brews we seem to have a local craft distillery making fine new head-popper products: Essential Spirits Alambic Distillery. I am especially interested in their Sergeant Classick Rum, made from 100 percent Hawaiian molasses from the island of Kaua’i!  At my favorite Costco while in Paradise one could buy the most excellent Kōloa Rum Company products, including the Kaua`i Dark – which I put to quite good use while visiting… So this new (to me) local venue bears some comparative testing.

And just because, GUNS!


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6 thoughts on “Chimp Feet Moi

  1. On my next visit to the land of sun and commie hippies I’ll see if I can get you to try my home shined calvados or my sour mash…not a bad tipple.

    • Sounds capital! I may have to drive down from my mountain redoubt by then, at least I hope so anyhow (that we are moved)! If it’s good, make more and sell it! American Capitalism began by making “lemonade” out of lemons, ie: with making rum out of molasses, the cast-off residue of other colonies – and smuggling it. 🙂 The Boston Molasses Flood of 1919 had no effect on their stupid baked legumes, but making rum goes back way before that.

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