Some assembly required: Dirtopia

Got this package off the Brown Truck of Happiness: the bed-extender/ramp. It’s heavy and there are many pieces. I should have used a drill with a 4mm hex but I didn’t want to strip the nuts, I can always strip them by hand!
It took a while and about a whole tube of blue loctite, but in the end it’s as strong as my Little Giant ladder and about as heavy.IMGP0005x640


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10 thoughts on “Some assembly required: Dirtopia

  1. I’m feeling a serious need to to crawl the driveway and get all greasy and dirty again.
    I haven’t banged a knuckle in I don’t know when. Happy wrenching!

    • It’s fun until your back (arm/leg/knee) gives out! 🙂 I need a new air-filter for the KTM, after a few years of neglect and non-use, the No-Toil pre-oil stuff ate the foam!

  2. Does your drill/driver have a clutch setting? That would be it’s purpose, to adjust the force level at which it stops driving the bit. If it doesn’t, time to upgrade!
    Of course, it is important to use the proper size bit, not the one that is “close enough for .gov work”, which is often the wrong one.

    • My DeWalt drill has a clutch but I don’t have any allen-head driver-bits, just a set for 3/8″ drive sockets – so I did it by hand. Need the exercise you know! 🙂

    • At Harbor Fright, you can get a 3/8″ wobble drive with standard hex driver end for this sort of job. Running sockets with your drill saves time and wear/tear of your wrists. (can you say carpal tunnel?)
      fI suspect they may also carry bit sets. HD and Lowes do, also. And T-handle standard and Metric drivers bits.

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