The Ultimate Standard for Restrictions

From Linoge’s Walls of the City, in comments comes this gem by Tom:

This illustrates the broader point about gun control: you can’t control technology. Guns are technology. Ideas made concrete by opposable thumbs, time and desire. And duct tape. Technology makes us humans live longer, more comfortable lives. Imagine what our world would be like if Sam Colt, held back by gun control, hadn’t invented assembly lines and interchangeable parts, which led to me typing away on this keyboard and posting my blather to cyberspace. And if the standard to restrict technology is “one child’s life”, isn’t there a plausible case for restricting the use of Facebook and social media in general after the horrific suicides of kids who were bullied on its pages? I mean, who really needs Facebook, anyway? A Bloomberg vs Zuckerberg slug fest… hmmm. (my emphasis)

And let’s see how that works out in a broader, global context – one in which guns have no part. If the Measure of Restriction is, “One Child’s Life,” then WHY is DDT restricted globally by the UN through treaty restrictions and the assistance of our own EPA when it has a greatly demonstrated capacity to SAVE lives?


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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Standard for Restrictions

  1. You could say that technology, like data, wants to be free. I seem to recall that Eli Whitney had something to do with interchangeable musket parts, too.

  2. I suspect that most of us haven’t really thought of it in this light – imagine how many lives (especially ‘the children’) would have been just from stopping the building of the Titanic! Or even better, if Henry Ford hadn’t ‘invented’ the Model T. Why just think, some one of those lost children might have figured out a cure for cancer (or something – slightly sarcastic).
    NOPE, the reason that most of us have not considered evolving technology as the ’cause’ is because we realize that it is evil persons who misuse that technology are really the culprits.

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