The Weirdfarm, The Insaneplantation

In a mini semi-Überpost, D.W. Drang at The Cluemeter lends his insight bled from years of Army experience-past, on the situation unfolding in the Hermit Kimngdom. What struck me was *this* clue to the Left’s intentions about seizing control of the Narrative and how vital that is to their purposes – really mind-control in so many ways:

Thing is…1996 Gangneung submarine infiltration incident.
The guy they captured?  Caught on a farm, he broke in to steal food, wasn’t worried about being seen, since he was out in the boonies, never ever occurred to him by his own admission that a mere farmer would have a telephone.… Commie infiltrators are routinely tripped up by their very obvious dialect and accent; in fact, defectors to the south have a hard time doing more than getting by, because they are so poorly prepared to live in a high-tech, industrial more-or-less democratic society.

From an isolation born of totalitarian power, the simplest things are completely outside the realm of comprehension:

The trouble with that theory is that the north Korean people have been so isolated for so long; Kim Il Sung (and Kim Jong Il and Kim Jang Un) is their religion and their reason for being.  As former Washington Post and NPR Tokyo correspondant T.R. Reid described in The Man Who Would Be God; North Korea’s Kim Il Sung – The Washington Post | HighBeam Research, on a tour intended to bring in hard western cash in 1992, he interviewed a few north Koreans.

“We learned in history that only by The Great Leader’s Armed Struggle did we defeat the Japanese,” says Chun Chang Yon, a 16-year-old junior at Pyongyang No. 1 Junior-Senior High. “America had no effect on the result.”
Chun says he did learn in history class about the atomic bomb at Hiroshima, but he sees no connection between that and Japan’s defeat in World War II. “We learned that America dropped the atomic bomb, killing so many thousands, because the Americans wanted to show their strength and might to the rest of the world.”This creative approach to history extends to more recent events as well. “Yes, we learned in science class that men had landed on the moon,” said Li Chun Ran, a friendly 17-year-old senior at the same school. “The Russian people sent a man to the moon.”

Their utterly failed “Narrative” still holds them firmly in its grasp:

But it appears that the people of North Korea genuinely do revere their Great Leader.You see it in the awe-filled faces of the pilgrims lined up at Mangyongdae, a Mount Vernon-like expanse of grassy parkland surrounding an Abe Lincoln-style thatched hut purported to be Kim’s birthplace. You see it in the painstaking care of a train porter as she polishes her Kim Il Sung lapel badge at the end of a long day. You hear it in the proud, reverent voice of the teacher chosen to read the daily scripture passage from The Great Leader’s memoirs to the students in a public school.

It is almost as if the people of North Korea would rather believe the myth than face the reality of their brutally difficult daily life.

That must be why the markets have bright color paintings of lush fresh fruits and vegetables on the walls while the actual shelves offer only slim pickings of wormy potatoes and half-rotted onions. That must be why posters depicting happy children greeting the Great Leader in a bosky green park have been erected in the middle of playgrounds that are actually cracked asphalt pavement.

“We are finding that our biggest problem is not the top of the government but the people,” says Aage Holm, an American with the United Nations Development Program who has been working here on a U.N. effort to build economic ties between North Korea and the non-socialist world.

“They are so wrapped up in this business about The Great Leader and their own self-reliance that they don’t want anything to change.

“We say, ‘You have to change. You have to plan for the future.’ And they say, ‘We like things the way they are, the way the Great Leader does it.’ “

And, yes, The Great Leader is Kim Il Sung, dead lo! nearly 20 years. His son, Kim Jong Il, the Dear Leader is also an ex-tyrant. And Li’l Kim can’t seem to get no respect.

I have a dismal vision and see the totalitarian Leftist Narrative-Control in action, resulting in near mind-control — and what California will be like after 70-years of spendthrift One-Party rule and immigration Amnesty. With Amnesty the millionaire Leftists like Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, and even Panetta capture an immigrant hoard who will till the soil of those Lefty plantations and staff their elite restaurants with cheap labor, while the children of the Apparatchiks go to Standford and Cal – just like today, only with a high-speed trainwreck running through it and an economy eating grass…


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  1. I think Bracken has been pretty darned accurate – when I think of what CA will be like in 5-10 years I think of his description in EFAD.

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