U-r Doin’ it RONG?

Have we? As has been pointed out, for the past TWENTY years a few of the insane States, captured by Dem. Stupidslatures, have been going backwards on gun-rights while most of the rest have been moving FORWARD towards increased Civil Rights, not fewer/decreasing, and with Connecticut’s recent and proudly draconian regulations, there’s really no reason for Colt (Hartford, CT) and Sturm & Ruger (Southport, CT) to stay around either.
As many have also pointed out with those ratchet-down States that have been captured by Gerrymander or Stupidslature or Crony-Socialism with the Wealth of Government funding, “We aren’t gonna vote ourselves out of this mess,” because the Politicians securely in place don’t bother to respond any more except to the interest-groups that got them there.   One in place their role is pure Kabuki and payoffs.
Colorado is a recent capture by a gang-of-four, wealthy, agenda-driven, millionaire Socialists. They used their money and influence and personal wealth to build a political machine that out-maneuvered Colorado’s own Democrats and took control of state politics with “a low-profile strategy deliberately designed to turn “red states blue.” It’s a seven-spoked Alinsky-Wheel designed to roll-over any opposition like a tank:

The seven capacities are: generate intellectual ammunition for the fight, pursue investigations into alleged wrongdoings by the enemy, mobilize citizens to get active on specific issues, expose “media bias” that opposes their agenda, litigate when necessary, train up new young progressives as soldiers in the battle, and support progressives in the media who are favorable to their agenda.

Which gets to: The Media. The Media advances a homogeneous narrative on its own accord and to flatter itself – and there is an utter lack of diversity in Media Thought Circles by people who have seldom held a real job, or been responsible for a payroll, or sold an actual product that held value. Instead they sell a flimsy tissue of ideas and words and attitudes that mirror their beliefs and like a fun-house mirror, magnify certain aspects while diminishing others. The Media has to create value and relevance for itself on a day-by-day basis, as if its light ceased to exist when the Giant Refrigerator Door closed.
The Media has clearly been captured (at some level and values for “capture”), or more pointedly their General membership has long been pro-Treason and thrown themselves to the One-Party State side. On a boat that lack of balance would risk sinking it. However even with the Media effectively just a wing of the Democrat Machine, the Democrat Machine is subject to internal tensions from State to State and can crack-up. It is unstable, just as Media Personalities are demonstrably unstable and egotistical, fighting among each other and on their own stage, and THEY can BOTH be replaced – it only takes MONEY.
And it is possible that if each and every disgruntled gun-owner, the MILLIONS in California, Connecticut, Maryland, Colorado, New York, and New Jersey who are losing a fundamental Right, who tweeted this-and-that and who wrote angry letters to their Politicians, ALSO wrote to Teh Media – in a pincer attack on two-fronts – we could FREEZE the Media AND the Pols, Beritbart-Style/Alinsky-style – we could initiate MORE pushback.
People have called for greater transparency from this Administration which at first pledged to do so but immediately reversed course once in power. We should make the same call and demand to the Media. Because they are NOT lords of every State, and they are subject to local tensions and issues, and they can crack-up if the correct pressure is applied. They really don’t want to have to hold a job where they have to do real dirty-hands work, not without TV cameras to inflate them nor the assistance of Hair & Makeup to beautify them, and writers to prepare their Narrative scripts, all of whom seek the easiest and lowliest path to success. Their idea of dirty-hands is the one holding the knife in the back of a colleague who they seek to replace, and every one of them is reaching for that handle. If the knife-handle were turned around maybe they would get a few cuts, and then the tensions would emerge…

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8 thoughts on “U-r Doin’ it RONG?

  1. I almost, almost, couldn’t believe it the other day, there were no fewer than 6 or 7 articles on one of the big news boards which were all blatantly manufactured for the gun-control agenda.

    The word rage comes to mind.


    • Sadly everything comes per-packaged nowadays, with the wrapper that’s hard or impossible to dispose-of, and Teh Newz and Teh Legislationz is no different.


    • Funny you should frame the image in such a way.

      I remember talking to someone years ago, in college, so it was somewhere around twenty years ago, that people had started to quit thinking. I pressed the issue with the current political atmosphere (strangely familier since) as an example that if something is wrapped up to look appetizing, despite the actual content, people willing accept it because they can’t see through the marketing.

      Unfortunately, we seem to have surpluses of these kinds of intellectual cripples.


    • And I was also thinking of the pre-packaged legislation that is written by special interest groups and sold simultaneously to various different like-minded Lefty representatives in various different States – in particular the Soros-funded Gun Bill…


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  3. Yep, they control the media AND the agenda… It will take a pretty strong pushback (which they will play out as threats) to get any action…


  4. I’m afraid it’s going to have to get much much worse before people will get pissed off enough too make it get better. I find it inconceivable that not even one brash, uppity New Yorker has dumped a big gulp on Bloomberg yet.


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