Look-on THIS WORKS! Yea it’s Mighty, and ye Hippies despair!

Behold the MIGHTY KTM300!

Behold the MIGHTY KTM300!

Thanks Ozymandias, that helps – and now it’s clean too! And it RUNS! Great billowing clouds of blue Yamalube – just in time for Earth Day!


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17 thoughts on “Look-on THIS WORKS! Yea it’s Mighty, and ye Hippies despair!

  1. Oh, please do find some moss covered boulders in a verdant rain forest, take some before pics and then shred them. “after” pics will be delicious.

  2. Put the front engine dress back on the Mustang recently, with a couple of updates, so all she needs for Earth Day celebrations is a wash.

    I plan to let her idle in the driveway for at least an hour while I do the deed, since I love the sound of the Henry Ford Symphony from eminating from the back.

  3. I was going to suggest keeping an eye out for an old Ducati 450 RT. Neat bikes. Had a new one at the dealer I worked at. Was going to buy it, but my roommate absconded with the car that was going to pay for it.
    However, check the price: http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C154664

    I suspect the car would still be worth more today: ’57 Chevy ragtop with a heavily breathed-on big-block. Was it the Beach Boys? who sang: “getting rubber in all four gears”… First car I owned that could spin the tires at triple digit speeds in high gear, plus show daylight under the front tires when shifting 2nd. Really should have put that package in one of my 2dr sedans, instead.

    • I had a couple of Ducati 250 Scramblers in the very-early ’70s, when the bikes were practically new. True, they were neat, but they were also problematic (electrical, mostly). Plus, the brakes were crap even for the era of small drums. Then there was the nonexistent dealer network. And the fussy Dellorto carbs.
      Trouble is, all those problems will only be worse, 40 years on and who-knows how many miles/missed shifts/crashes and fatigue in general under the belt.
      Yeah, neat bikes — when I was a teenager with tons of time and energy. Keep an eye out for one now? With the intention of actually riding it? You’ve got to be joking….

    • I have to find enthusiasm to wrench much anymore, and hard to keep-up a museum. 😉 I don’t have an ex-Racer dreams and almost hurt myself getting it up on the stand to wash!

  4. I know almost nothing about dirt bikes. Used to read about them, back in the days of the Elsnort, Combat Wombat, Alpina, etc.

    So, apropos of something cool being up and running, I’ll just mention that Rummel is back.

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