Hell in a Handbasket Hiatus

Via Rick at Traction Control who heard it through the grapevine (via Chizumatic aka Steven Den Beste), the sad news comes that one of our/my earliest and favoritest gunblogger, James R. Rummel at Hell in a Handbasket, has hung it up (gunblogging) – which means the link down on the right leads to empty Blogspace.

I will miss his excellent humor and storytelling, especially his sleepy encounter where he scared-down the infamous Bad Neighbor – that was truly an epic and memorable moment I shall not forget.

Sorry to see you go old Blogpal.


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3 thoughts on “Hell in a Handbasket Hiatus

  1. Dammit, I’d wondered if there was a problem.

    Ah well, beats finding out something happened to him

  2. Well … poop!

    Yeah, I noticed yesterday that his URL came up as a blancmange. Chalked it up to the occassional outage which happens periodically. Well, I understand throwing it in too; after all, I’m not blogging these days either (though I still think about firing it up again).

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