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Climategate 3 Password – Notice to Mills & Reeve

Greenery 4: For Attention of Mills & Reeve – Lawyers for UEA

I neither confirm nor deny having received the password for the Climategate 3 archive. If I choose to reproduce any emails that may become available to me, I shall exercise my own discretion and common sense without benefit of your unsolicited instruction.

Inferentially, the Climategate emails were released by a whistleblower at the University who was as horrified as are all true lovers of science at the systematic scientific corruption and fraud that is made evident in the emails. The whistleblower says he wished to warn the world that the scientific basis for the diversion of trillions from the taxpayers’ pockets to various global-warming profiteers was in doubt. I am unable to contact the whistleblower, but he has done a great service to science by releasing the emails.

May I recommend that all bloggers reproduce this.

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