1969 Ford GT

Returning to the United States from the Far East in 1969, we stopped to visit relatives in Blighty. I was Eleven and my older brother had just turned Thirteen during our minor Continental circumnavigation in a VW Bus through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Much to our delight, “Uncle John” in England worked as a draftsman-designer at a particular British Car Company of small reknown. He gave us this hot-off-the lunchbox (the interior is missing and the body was hand riveted to the chassis), pre-production, unpainted Ford GT40 with early Hot-Wheels type low-friction wheels. COOL! Shades of things to come I suppose.
The undercarriage.


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6 thoughts on “1969 Ford GT

  1. That is very cool. I had a collection of vintage match box cars that I finally passed on to the sons of my work partner, who would appreciate them. Many a good saturday was spent racing those up and down the hallway.

    • I’ve got a small metal suitcase full of old Matchbox cars, it was once the center of my self-entertainment universe, before reading took-over. They are all well-worn and no pristine example remains. This one survived rather unscathed because there was no paint to lose anyhow, and also because it was a one-off.

    • You might consider doing some research on the value of that. Is Antiques Roadshow still hitting the area? I’ve been amazed at some of the stuff that they authenticate, and advise the owner to get insured.

    • The 2013 Antiques Roadshow “tour” goes to: Detroit, Jacksonville, Anaheim, Boise, Knoxville…Baton Rouge, Kansas City, Richmond, VA…nowhere close to anywhere I’m going.

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