QOTD – Burning Building Ed.

As Say Uncle describes it, and Rob points out the facts in the Cops-on-Cop Fight, like the last four presidential elections (and the Superbowl), There Was Nobody to Root-for. And with that the most basic requirement of a civil society where Trust is vital: The cops should have done everything to try and mitigate the losses. Instead of setting fire to a house. Instead of shooting-up trucks (and displaying an astonishing lack of professional skill with 40-shots fired AT THE WRONG COLOR TRUCK, and only two minor hits – thank God). Heck, our military has more rules of engagement than these guys do and they’re in war zones.
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6 thoughts on “QOTD – Burning Building Ed.

  1. Last I read, the truck was hit 106 times.
    Read that again, then imagine, including the complete misses, what it must have sounded like….
    No wonder the DHS need 1.6 billion rounds. Oh wait, they just ordered another 900 million rounds.

  2. Good eye, Will.
    Question: Does “minute of pickup truck” equal “minute of barn door,” or is that only from a lateral axis?

    • I’m thinking “barn door” is fairly large, but smaller than “broad side of a barn”, which is very much smaller than “side of a barn, from the inside”. It’s possible the only larger metric would then be “dirt”. I’m not sure that’s the correct term, it might be more properly called “earth”, or “ground”…

  3. Way more than 40 shots fired. This photo was taken while they were numbering the hits. Up to at least #46, and maybe only half marked so far, is seems. I think all four tires are flat, from other photos. Someone else commented that LAPD is capable of hitting “minute of pickup truck”, but only from spitting distance, apparently. That patrol unit is only about one car length from the truck.

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