All that’s SMLE to GRI and RFI

UPDATE: Percussion instruments re-organized to give you maximum flavour, maximum R&B…
The British method/application of “slinging-up” was nothing more than, “‘Ere’s a carry-strap, Guv!” – not a shooting-aid like what we train-to use. However an M1 Garand web sling fits easily and nicely, and is more readily/easily applied than the contortions of a M1907 sling-type. I always have a couple spares around so one of these will work out fine for the club’s Guadalcanal Match.


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  1. I remember watching an old episode of the History Channel show “Tales of the Gun” about guns of WWII. In it, there was this old British military historian explaining why the Brits so loved their (by that time in WWII) obsolete SMLEs. He said “For many men, it was the first rifle they ever fired. They knew it, they loved it, it was their defense agaisnt the world.”

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