Faster Missing

Sometimes a scope can just be a faster way to miss. Forget EVERYTHING you ever saw and that Hollywood ever produced with ANYTHING about rifle and a scope. Forget ALL those episodes of Hawaii Five-O where the guy in the hotel room clicks-on a scope and peers out a window with the cross-hairs on something/somebody. Just forget it ALL. The scope isn’t a majickal bullet-directing talisman, it’s just a different kind of sight-system that you can f*-up.
Sighting-in is a CHORE done best sitting-up on a bright and sunny noon-time with plenty of daylight, but here I was laying down on a cold and overcast Saturday morning. After the first five shots went twelve to sixteen feet left and six to eight feet down I knew I had some knob-twirling to do. I stayed prone during the Offhand stage and still was just kicking dirt. After Rapid-Seated and the target was still bare I twirled s’more. I think I went too high and then too low again. I’m not very scientifical about numbers and dials, I better be careful with the powder measure… Finally I started lacing the bottom of the target with holes in Slow-Prone, and began to work my way up. Seeking guidance, one of the elder-statesmen of the club and commented that I was wiggling around too much. I ran out of bullets and still had not been able to pierce the magical X-ring. It’s not ass easy as all that.
So we went to work while the “New Guys” ran Relay-2, and built new target stands. The old ones are shredded and splintered from errant misses and beat to hell by the summer sun – and that includes the decayed railroad ties that hold them in place and provide sanctuary to the rattlesnakes. The weather was cold and overcast and only brightened up to a cool midday haze – reminded me of one summer in Germany.

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3 thoughts on “Faster Missing

  1. Boresight unavailable? They’re not perfect, but they can get you onto the paper. Nor are they very expensive (<$50).

    If you don't have a long basement or hallway, the laser is usually bright enough that you can use it outdoors in daytime so long as it isn't sunny. At the usual 25 yards (meters) getting the crosshairs onto the laser dot is easy.


    • We shoot mainly at 200-yds…no long basement or hallway at home.
      It was (and will continue to be) a learning-experience! It’s just not as easy as it’s commonly made out to be. 🙂


    • Start at shorter range (25 yards, maybe 50) and work outward. That way you always stay on the paper.

      I’m sure you understand this, but at 200 yards, the slightest fiddle with the crosshairs, and you’re no longer in the black anymore, maybe not even on the paper.


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