Rifle Bling

I was lookin’ to tart up old Betsy with some Birthday fancy-pants piece of gun-jewelry. A bit of chrome or exotic metal, small maybe like a titanium coated firing pin, or BIG and grossly decadent like a whole snot-slick Nickle-boron coated bolt carrier group. But it seems I was late to the party. In fact it looked like the Gunsters had been carrying-on a month-long Winter dark-of-the-moon party without me – and everyone was now home with a hangover. Even a gee-gaw chrome firing pin was not to be had for any money. Not even a NP3 coasted charging handle.
At stores all across town and all across the Internet there’s empty shelves. So I bought a B.A.D. lever instead. It seems to operate as a better-design bolt hold-open catch also, but it’s not “bling” – it’s more of a useful doo-dad than a gee-gaw.
Goes in one side and comes out the other. Press to release and drop the bolt closed. Easier on a right-handed shooter than reaching through the carry handle or over the top of the scope…
UPDATE: “Before” image: There’s just a tiny, kinda sharp nub on the bottom of the latch to press inwards, in order to hold the bolt open.


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4 thoughts on “Rifle Bling

  1. What happens if you hit it by accident, say, wearing a heavy pair of gloves? Probably nothing, but I’m curious nonetheless….

    • If you hit it when the bolt is back it drops the bolt. If the bolt is forward nothing. If you press UP on the lever it makes locking the bolt open much easier, but you still have to manipulate the charging handle.
      If you are in “slow-prone” (for instance) and single-loading your shots (20-shots 20-minutes, single load) it makes closing the bolt much easier since you don’t have move out of your position to reach through the carry handle (or over the scope) with your third hand and press the release to drop the bolt.
      But it IS a bit of a Rule-Three brush-back, since you’re are in the trigger-guard.

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