Easy-Off Optics

I got an American Defense 1″ Scout-mount from SWFA Outdoors, that operates with the quick-detach flipper just like my shorty Tango Down forward-grip.
Apart from the classic British, Triumph-style vertical arrangement of clamping screws aligned top and bottom (some mechanics prefer the non oil-leaking Honda-type horizontal case-halve arrangement), it’s not a heavy desert lead-sled and does exhibit some style and (apparent) strength, with a single Picatinny cross-bolt bearing against long rail surfaces for pointy-end alignment.
And with the spring-loaded locking-lever adjustable from too-tight to outright flaccid, it’s easy-on and somewhat easy-off. IMGP2729x1000DSC03349x1000IMGP2732x1000IMGP2730x1000IMGP2733x1000

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4 thoughts on “Easy-Off Optics

  1. Been looking into a similar setup, coincidentally, with a Larue LT104 (I think) and something in the smaller and cost-effective range for the scope.

    Decidedly unpopular setup these days, what with the proliferation of red-dots and heads-up stuff festooning every conceivable rail. I’m about streamlining and making it lighter, and getting the shot out there, where I can keep the engagement at range.

    To each their own, I guess.



    • I had to work to ensure the mount cost less than the scope! The Nikon was about $200…might have chosen a different reticle, but the “point-blank” was what it came with.


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