Yay Creedmoor

UPDATE(see below: a look at the inside of the wheel-mounts:) The Box of Happiness, a range cart and stool – some assembly required…
UPDATE: Viola!

A look at the inside of the wheel-mounts:



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4 thoughts on “Yay Creedmoor

  1. Do the stool legs slide inside those u-bolts? If so, I would expect the feet to start dragging the ground at some point, and they might not clear the surface when tilted to roll. Looks like the clamp mounting plates should be longer, to move the rubber peg end to the other side of the vertical axle line. That would lift the peg as soon as the handle was tilted at all.
    If this turns out to be a real problem, consider cross drilling the leg for a pin or bolt above the u-clamp to restrain the leg from sliding through it. Over-tightening the clamp will crush the tubing, and probably result in it cracking and breaking eventually.
    Frankly, I like the idea of the leg resting on the ground, to keep your weight off the axle/wheel assy, and stressing all the associated pieces.

    • They supply a 4-inch wooden dowel that you hammer up into the tubing, so the u-bolts don’t crush the leg. It would strengthen the tubing if a person decided to drill it for the axle. I’m probably never going to use it for a stool like they do at Camp Perry anyhow, it/the bag has to carry the scope and all the other bits though.

    • I wasn’t talking about putting the axle through it.

      Wait until someone on the line decides to sit down while chatting with you!

  2. Could you pull that behind your bicycle? Or, better yet, can you attach it behind a regular bicycle trailer, for maximum capacity in a worst case bug-out? (sometimes multi-purpose is good)

    Looks neat. How does the wheel/axle setup look? Will it hold up for a long time, or can the wheels be swapped?
    At least they didn’t try to attach wheels directly to the stool legs, but it still appears to be a minimalist design. I like the wide spaced handle and wheels. Looks very stable, both for moving, and the rifle hooks. What was the cost?

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