It’s coming sooner than I thought it never would

The big double-nickle birthday is hovering in the gloom around the corner, and in this weather and political climate I am among the discouraged. There’s still work to be done on Mom’s 2nd book – a pittance going towards our household, while the .Gov Leviathan threatens at every other turn to remand what-ever it can in the form of higher costs everywhere, while doing nothing to alleviate the plight of average Americans. Meanwhile ignorant morons who are supposed to be our servants, shore up their sinecure with planning to take whatever they can illegitimately. Depression adds to discouragement, and the cold and gloom of this nether-season is no comfort. Bah! Call your legislators and make your voice heard, even those longstanding and gerrymandered nimrods who ages ago ceased to represent anyone but their own financial interests – like the ones in California. While they ignore you and do not feel the cold breeze, their staffers should know the chill that nothing is secure for them as their Party leads in the destruction of the economy, piece by piece. It feels like the end of Constantinople.


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3 thoughts on “It’s coming sooner than I thought it never would

  1. Are you still riding your dual-sport?

    I had to give up bikes before I hit five-O. Heck, before Y2k, let alone the new century. Sigh…
    When I was young, those milestones looked impossibly distant. Doesn’t feel like a long time, but it’s been probably 13 years since I took the ’83 ELR down the street to verify the Keihin smoothbores functioned and all the gears were there. Sold it a few days later. Just found the original license plate for it. Wonder if the guy still owns it, and would want the old blue plate? Think it still has just the ’84 sticker on it (bought it wrecked).

  2. Thanks Buddy, I’m disgruntled but at least not angry. It has been a trying time, and from the evidence the economic destruction is on-purpose – but the Left doesn’t know how it’s affecting good people, only how it affects them. 🙂

  3. Happy impending Birthday!
    Speaking as a survivor of the recent 6 – 0 mark (!) I know the feeling. And the depression in the political climate.
    But, be of good cheer. You still might have some personal defense machine(s), and you are this side of ground level!


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