Cleanup Time

In the small interstices between calendars comes the time I take to purge the old file-folders and engage in cleanup.
A stack of drafty old (as in 30-year-plus old) cartoons and drawings went to the shredder, AND a pile (boxes and boxes) of thirty-six frames of plus-odd many year-old Kodachrome and Ektachrome slides was reduced to manageable proportions. There was with that a small smile of memories rekindles, and a diminished sense of loss after looking through the loupe and renewing those old memories of India, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, and Vienna on the light-table.
The problem with being/attempting to be a photographer wannabe/sometime-commercially-semi-successful is there’s a lot of shots that don’t make the grade, and if you don’t do something serious about them the detritus snowballs. And that goes for drawings too. Buh-bye all you old stuff and welcome room for a slightly used Nikon 1-4 20x to play steel games with the Noveske carbine.
Happy New Year.


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5 thoughts on “Cleanup Time

  1. I suppose your clean-up includes throwing away old CityBike and Twistgrip artwork, too.
    C’est la vie, I reckon. Sad how much of our lives we invest, wholeheartedly, into projects that amount to nothing….
    Sad thoughts for New Year’s day, but best to get them out of my system early, I guess.

    • Fortunately I had most of that in digital form already! The biggest burden was something like thirty rolls of 36-exposure slide film from the late 70’s when I went to India and back through Europe. As an assist, I suppose the Spaniard who stole my camera (and backpack and everything) should get some thanks, but from that I learned to depend on much less.

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