The one that got away

In this heightened moment of exasperating commerce, you snooze and you lose. The .308 receivers were all gone when I finally returned to the shop around the corner a day later, so no .308 build… Thanks for all the votes of confidence and encouragement…ha! So here’s a different Christmassy take on the one that got away – although sport-fishing for a marlin or sail-fish probably costs three or four times as much as an AR of any caliber since there’s absolutely NO grantee of catching one, and you can’t build one over time with parts as the money dribbles-in – that’s why it’s called “fishing” not “catching”… IMGP2667x1000
There’s more fish in the sea…
IMGP2671x1000And at least I got the corner under-cabinet light fixture wired up and running.


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5 thoughts on “The one that got away

  1. Were you looking to make your own .308 lower, or buy a finished receiver? Seems both cost more than the .223 version, probably due to lower numbers manufactured, so far. I’ve seen a bunch of them on, but not cheap!

    I was originally going to order a couple SR25’s from Knights, back near twenty years ago, then discovered that they deleted the brass deflector from the design. Idiots. When I called, I was told they were working on a fix, which turned out to be a clamp-on rig that mounted onto the top rail. Didn’t buy the guns. I seem to recall that the military eventually forced them to fix the screwup, if they wanted to sell any to the guys on the pointy end. By then, they wouldn’t sell to the public anymore. Or, maybe it was CA that wouldn’t allow it. CRS strikes again…

  2. I’m glad I got reloading gear when it was available. Went to buy a dipper for lead though and THEY were backordered.

    Have a great Christmas.

  3. Don’t feel alone. Hard to even find .308 ammo at this point. As for tactical .223, fugedaboutit….

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