Laws can’t fix a broken person

John Richardson directs us to the words of Pastor Ken Blanchard. I might/would direct you to similar words of my own pastor-father, but he’s become a bit of a Communist and simply advocates the self-nihilism of Pacifism. Come to think of it, he’s more of a Buddhist now than anything else.
That’s not very realistic in this world, only in Heaven and in Theology Seminary – the spiritual realm… Broken people need help even if they can’t be fixed, and the things that break people are not just wood, iron, or steel but the philosophies of dependence and the soul-crushing depersonalization of identity politics that divides and separates people into alien entities bent on group-think. The Borg and hive-mind have nothing to offer the broken person, there’s no sacred individuality in that plasma-soup, there no “where” there for the person inside who needs mending.


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