Exploiting a tragedy, to enact a tax to help cover the state’s massive budget problems.

Los Angeles Democrat State Senator Kevin de León conceded that his bill would not prevent Californians from traveling to Nevada, Oregon, Washington or other states to purchase large (or any) amounts of ammunition, but said his bill could serve as a “national model,” and he plans to contact lawmakers in neighboring states to tighten their laws.
Good luck with that – and how this will “keep weapons from unstable people,” is patently unclear and impossible, and really, a license for ammo? All this will do is create a black market, and you can expect crime rates to go up, not down. But with California having a Supermajority the Democrats can rule by Mob Fiat, The founding fathers gave us a Republic, and a Republic is rule by Law. But Democrats prefer majoritarian rule and endless power to make-up new rules and “laws” which are basically taxes as it’s convenient for them, to help collect revenue for pay-offs, that feed, cloth, shelter, and entertain their dependent constituancies with other peoples money.
And all this from the same folks that didn’t voice ONE bit of concern on Fast&Furious and how many Mexicans were killed by reckless “social engineering” effort, or even demand an accounting – and the same hysterical educated idiots that don’t have a definitive definition of the term “assault rifle”…
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2 thoughts on “Exploiting a tragedy, to enact a tax to help cover the state’s massive budget problems.

  1. All good observations, sir.

    It’s a big shit sandwich, I fear, and we’re going to be forced to take more than a bite of it.

    Stupidity should be a self-correcting condition, but, alas, humans tend to coddle, even idolize, their weak (minded) people. It sucks, but there it is.

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