A date still living in Infamy



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3 thoughts on “A date still living in Infamy

  1. My Grandpa was a swabbie on the USS Arizona during The Great World War (later known as WW I). Never lost his love of the sea and upon retiring after 40+ years at AO Smith, proceeded to ship out as a “working passenger” on tramp steamers plying the far reaches of the world’s seas.
    ‘Twas a different world back then (the early ’60s).
    ‘Twas an even more different world when he was a strapping teen assigned to the Arizona. In those days, you still had to be able to tie complex knots — blindfolded — to get stationed aboard a “pride of the fleet” flagship.
    To succeed in the Navy nowadays, all that counts is being sensitive to gender and sexual orientation. And not making any negative comments about our sworn enemies.

  2. My Dad went to Annapolis a couple years after that, he took some kind of test (regional?) and got in Class of ’49 – no “Senator’s Son” – he was a Midshipman on a ship going through The Canal when the war ended, and when it was all over he got out and went to San Jose State…

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