Black is the new Brown: Black Bloc = Sturm Abteilung

From their own voice: What people don’t understand is that the Black Bloc is not an organization or a group. It is a tactic. But it really helps to have a group of people engaged in the aforesaid “tactic” in order to help(s) reinforce security and execute our goal. What’s the difference between those who are assigned to providing protection and those who provide solidarity in the face of a repressive police state, and choose to engage in a tactic that sometimes involves property destruction and violence, and those assigned to take direct action against the machineries of oppression. “Anarchy” is just another name the university-educated propagandists use to disassociate themselves and create the notion of a credible distinction or distance, but the mechanism is the same and the “bloc” is a tool, made-up of useful tools, and the most prominent element of the Democrat Party-endorsed Occupy troops.

anarchy_logoSA-logoI mean what’s the difference in these two logos?  It hardly matters that some over-educated nitwit might draw minor distinctions between elements of the same essential flavor.
At the end of the day they have to change back into regular clothes, or “de-Bloc” as they call it: …at the DNC, everyone huddled together and covered the group with the large banners that were used at the protest.  The participants changed clothes underneath the banners so that the police could not photograph the individuals.
The use of banners to disguise or hide activity is common for street-gangs who engage in violence.  I’ve actually seen that tactic exercised at a riot I “attended” in Barcelona, Spain back in 1979 or thereabouts. In Barcelona, as the marchers came up a side-street onto the main-drag Ramblas, they furled their banners to block the view, and a group of them entered an apartment and went to the top where they threw burning Molotov Cocktails down on the police who had arrived – and people who were still watching the “event”… It was pretty exciting.


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