Here comes the rain again

It occurred to me that my blog-posting has become somewhat delinquent, being busy between Mom’s #2 book-work and publishing efforts, the holiday erection and ornamentation of a Christmas tree to celebrate the cold weather when the Westosphere makes a fist and firmly sticks thumb into mouth and curls up into a fetal position awaiting longer days and warmer nights, and gunny stuff.
Wet weather continues today after a brief respite of sun and air-conditioner level heat and some outdoor work. I changed a couple of lights around the complex that were dead and pruned a vicious tree.
I like gardening as long as the actual plants are not my responsibility.
My wife dorked-up her knee and has been icing it while telecommuting, but actual Work-work requires her presence, so hobbling around she asked me to chauffeur her through the morning deluge. This kind of inadvertent mobility issue could be a real show-stopper in the event of a Zombie apocalypse or other type of civil unrest. Pay heed to your fitness and have a Plan-B get-around for unavoidable and unexpected occasions.
Out in the plentiful rain there are lotsa crappy drivers, I’m glad to sit above them in the 4×4 pick-up truck and look down on their puny but expensive little tin cars. On the return trip a bulbous blue Maserati sedan out of Palo Alto passed me at a high rate of speed looking for an accident, and further along the expressway some completely selfish fool-moron-idiot tried to make a *left* turn at a place where no sane person would attempt it, and tied up traffic in knots. I hoped to see angry commuters pull the buffoon from their pathetic minivan and pummel them in a puddle, but Social Order stood fast against the anarchy of rain.
Amid the ongoing effort towards the Paleo diet, my guts began to rumble a bit early and I awoke at an hour marked by caliber: 5:56 AM. Earlier I had gotten up at 2:20 to get a glass of water – how Swift! It seem that I notice things like that happening a lot…
Speaking of cold weather and Paleo, on NOVA last night (TeeVee for those who still view the Box), there was a special about our favorite 5,300 year old Tyrolean, the Ur-Paleo-Diet iceman Ötzi – who broke the Rules of the Paleo diet (fool!) and ate einkorn for his last meal – and ibex. Apparently some of those Paleo types diverged from the Whole Foods approach. At least it was probably organic. Some stuff never changes. Just try to avoid the Semmelknödel if you’re riding a motorcycle over the Alps, the only advantage being that you really won’t have to go to the bathroom if only because you can’t…
Meanwhile the orders go out and Christmas expectations come in, like 10-round magazines for the CA-legal AR and Ranger-plates because they look cool and improve handling. And some kitchen stuff from Sur La Table.
The Roomba vacuum robot Little Jimmy-Kirby goes about with a whirring – and a clunk whenever he fetches up against a door-jamb or other immobile object, and the under-tree Gi-Joe tableaux and decorations must be protected from his ravages by a wall of sandbags, or something like that.
The towel-bar in the bathroom loosened itself and required a large drywall anchor/fastener, DeWalt Drill to the rescue!
I think I’ll have another espresso.


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5 thoughts on “Here comes the rain again

  1. Glad to see you back posting, and sorry to hear about the wife’s injury… Take care on the roads, Californians can’t drive for s**t when it rains…

    • At least it has rained for a few days straight and that has gotten up all the oil-slicks! It’s perfect muddy dirtbike weather, but all my friends now ride asphalt and that’s not as forgiving as applesauce-mud.
      The Spousal Knee is now being rehabilitated with an ice-water pumping gizmo borrowed from a post-surgical friend – interesting medical-mechanics!

  2. Hi David! I was not clued-in on the Shindiggery, but will probably be playing chauffeur again at 9:00AM anyhow – damn that’s early, and spendy!
    Tell us how it goes in a blog post – with pics!

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