Seen in the People’s Paradise of Palo Alto

We were shopping with the well-heeled Über Proletariat at GUM in the Collective of Stanford yesterday, when I noticed Dear Leader’s Fixie?
It appears that Good-old Palo Alto Stalinists are happy to celebrate the delightful Muscovy period of Guglags, bread-lines, and Five-Year Plans with a bicycle fit for Comrade President! Apparently these were a bit of exotic materials made in 2010 and not cheap enough for the WalMart masses but just reserved for the intelligentsia.

But truly in the interest of Lefty equality and fairness, perhaps SSpecializierte Bicycleti should also make a black and silver (or beige-brown) Sturm Abteilung or Schutz-Staffeinel Langster, with swastikas and Totenkpopf celebrating the chic, hipster Nazi revival – it’s equally as odious and grotesque as the hammer and sickle.
Meanwhile plenty of Soviet-Palo Alto fascisti-apparatchiks are driving around in hip, “green,” Teslas and Fiskers that Government subsidies have supported – there’s a Five-Year Plan in Dear Leader’s pocket and he’s gonna give it to ya hard.


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5 thoughts on “Seen in the People’s Paradise of Palo Alto

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  2. Unbelievable… But NOT surprising in Palo Alto… sigh BUT they had a s**t fit when we closed Moffett and took all the military $$ out of there 🙂

    • Seems rather odd that they would do that, as Moffett Field isn’t exactly next door to Palo Alto.

    • Sunnyvale/Mountain View is considered *Baja Palo Alto* by the elites, a subsidiary, R&D town where chip manufacturing and development occurred. Now it’s the spreading amoeba of Googlopolis that’s next door to Moffett Field…

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