National Ammo Day MONDAY!

I am gratefully reminded by the blogger who named the Blogosphere that National Ammo day is Monday!

And HE was reminded of that by the blogger who practically invented the Gunosphere…is that a word?

Blog brother Kim du Toit writes to remind us:

Monday, November 19th, is National Ammo Day. Buy 100 rounds or more of your favorite ammo, or the zombies / Democrats / United Nations win.

Seems more appropriate this year than most…


Indeed. Not that you should ever need an excuse to buy ammo, but if you do, this is an excellent one.

What’s in your Ammo Bunker?


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9 thoughts on “National Ammo Day MONDAY!

  1. Done deal. 500 in .22LR, 300 in .223, and 50 each in .357 & 9mm.
    If the Feds can buy tens of millions of rounds for the IRS, Forest Service, Health Inspectors and street sweepers, then every one of us deserves a few thousand, too….

  2. Any bullet with a diameter of .22 inch is a .22 caliber, high-zoot or not.
    I say stock up now. The panderer-in-chief is bound to talk the idiot masses (the same idiot masses he somehow convinced to re-elect him) into the necessity for “common-sense” restrictions on ammo sales. At least he’s bound to try (and who’s to stop him, now?).

  3. I have only a small supply of .22LR since I only have the .22LR SIG p220 conversion upper. Most of my .22 is .22WRF for the ancient squirrel gonne! Some say .223 is a .22 caliber round, albeit a zooty high-power one…

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