Do Progressives listen to Progressive Rock?

Because that would explain a lot of things about “progressives”…

And other reasons why I never got laid in High School – besides being mostly too young (and it showed) – because I liked er… “Progressive Rock“… zumbeispiel: There was an earnest effort to seem like you were farther along the evolutionary path than you really were (or at least closer to your Home-room locker) and an awkwardly effusive hyphenated vocabulary used to imprint that message, something from AP English class – assisted by drips and globs of irony and posturing: Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, King Crimson…anything with Rick Wakeman and his unstoppable-thousands-o-keyboards. And…

So did chicks dig-it? Who the hell knows, they were nowhere around (shouldda been a hint), but I was there, or actually I was NOT (much) but that seemed like a place to go, if only I could find someone with a car instead of a bicycle. And the purple courduroy pants to match, with bell-bottoms and chunky-heeled shoes. Polyester shirts before polyester was cool.
Sheesh, and enough-the-less said about that, the better.
…and album covers that look like they are one unicorn shy of being hung on the wall of a girls dorm.


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2 thoughts on “Do Progressives listen to Progressive Rock?

  1. I didn’t have an actual stereo with speakers, but I had a “stereo-cast” radio and (cheap) headphones. I really liked that song right there – Hocus-Pocus by Focus, it’s a serious peril indeed and lead to trouble.

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