Gay Conservatives Go!

In an altercation between the Left and Conservatives yesterday, those who are Gay got caught in a cross-fire, flanked by those on the Left who seek to own and define the entire status and nature of what it means to be of Gay. And those who attacked believe, by also owning the circular firing-squad tactic, they can indict and execute who they believe are the apostates of their tiny and narrow-minded world-view, made up of cardboard cut-outs like a Potemkin village…
As Scott in-comments explains, elitist Left-Liberals keep-score and maintain power by divide-and-conquer tactics. They play Whack-A-Mole with each identity-politic group, bludgeoning each with its own immutable “identity” into which they must fit or be cast-out into oblivion, a(nother) bump in the road under the Liberal Bus.
There are famously “no enemies on the Left,” and that means nobody else on the left (none left alive anyhow) who makes the decisions. But who are these power-brokers who make such decisions and demands – and who execute such precise sociological distinctions? They are the same privileged Whites who graduated from Academic institutions where they learned all the Leftist tricks and rhetorical flourishes, who give themselves COVER by assuming a Leftist identity complete with all the prestige and POWER that they had in Academe where the game of Minority Politics, from gender to ethnic divisiveness, is at its greatest effect. Where are the sophisticated words and rhetoric used to express bias and control nurtured and learned? Academe… where the “smart” people are. Who claims that the GOP hates gays? The Left – but “hate,” now isn’t that as bit strong? Who invokes “Uncle Tom” as a threatening epithet? The Left. Who started the Log Cabin Republicans – not the left. Who started The Pink Pistols? Not the Left. Who believes in The Individual? Certainly NOT the Left. That Left is where personal achievement is to be re-distributed and the Individual is a powerless nothing – and not just nothing, but a dangerous “something” that must be squashed and repressed and contained and subsumed – in other words just about everything that a Gay individual might complain about vis-a-vis conformity and social pressure – into The Group. For the Left the Collective is all, and the Individual is Nothing – except when the whole play-structure and theorizing breaks down and SOME hapless but more often BRUTAL individual is lifted-up to assume the Personality-Cult and worship of the Left.


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