Children of the Corn(y)

So bad and so much negative publicity, they’ve already pulled it: “This Video is Private” says YouTube. HAhahaha!
What I *like* about the Children-of-the-Corn (below) is that the song-lyrics reflect typical suburban, Lefty, disjointed bubble-behaviors and prejudices, from Marin County to Santa Monica. C’mon, “you can write off your au-pair“?? That is so Menlo Park! Oh my Deborah, quick, plug in the Tesla!
What it reveals is the One-Party State in action, propagandizing against their own straw-man, and forming a circular firing squad of Children against Parents!, ending with the promise of an Inter-Party Purge!! Children killin’ the old farts, Yay!
And now they PULLED IT!


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3 thoughts on “Children of the Corn(y)

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  2. I don’t think the “guarantee” will last for life, there are so many holes in the philosophy and life-outlook, so many futures that diverge because success really is not there and Utopia never comes. People are impatient, and it may be late-coming but Awaking will occur – unless the Endarkenment takes all with it…

  3. Yeah, it’s a circular firing squad, but all those brainwashed children are guaranteed to be liberals for life. So that’s what counts, the next generation. And when the time comes, those (now) youngsters will happily sacrifice themselves to the *next* generation in order to insure that they, too, follow the preordained pathway to the progressive utopia. (a.k.a. the “workers’ paradise”, the “dictatorship of the proletariat”, etc.)
    It’s been said before and it stands true here: Theirs is a culture of death. All it knows how to do is destroy things that work and deify the forces of death and entropy.

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