Meanderings on Halloween

I’m doing some ironing on a gloomy morning and it causes me to think way too much – and to remember… a friend’s brother who passed away too-young stricken by a disease, and another friend who also passed away too-young in the rapids of the Potomac river.

Not a big ball-fan, but we watched the sweep last night and I gotta say that Sergio Romo and his fierce beard could be a low-brim icon in the next Tarantino film.

I never went to a baseball-game with my dad – the quintessential things of Youth and Dads.  I guess it was not his sport or priority – and they (Mom & Dad) were always too busy with church or mission-work – or else we were not even in the country for it to happened at the time/age when we might have.  Living overseas produces gaps in Information and Culture that we have on both-sides harnessed to our own devices and reasonings to find an explanation.

My parents will vote or have already by absentee ballot, for The One.  And I am reminded how political it is now become – but even that it always was.  I remember the old Soviet Life magazines laying around, just something to read for a kid who insatiably read everything – masquerading as tolerance for The Other in order to appear open-minded, the embrace of political poverty as an expression of Humility.  The Pharisees at work.

Both of those things:  Politics and Religion, transformed from a deeply held blessing of Faith and belief, with miracles and Hope, merged and subsumed into a Socialist pop-slurry of debris and gutter mung, a poverty-ridden sour-mash of sweaty human grudges, a tawdry political philosophy garnished by the statistics of death.  An elixir of hate to be distilled in the violent crucible of Revolution.  And rebellious as ever I disagree with them. I can’t vote for a Socialist and I don’t hate America – or the hold to idea of it as a stolen continent unfairly taken from its natural inhabitants by foreign thieves and bankers.  I don’t accept the poisoned chalice, rotten wafer, or the 10-million dead from Communism.  It’s scary stuff – worse than witches in the woods or children baked into pies – it is all those things made real.



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2 thoughts on “Meanderings on Halloween

  1. Growing up Lefty means there’s a spin on everything you touch. Dammit! There’s nothing “pure” and un-touched except what they choose to overlook. What did Hannah Arendt say about Leftist rhetoric and motivation?… “One of the great advantages of the totalitarian elites of the twenties and thirties was to turn any statement of fact into a question of motive.”

  2. While it may still feel like rebellion because of your personal history, it’s really just rational adult thought. Many “adults” never get to experience it, sad to say.

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