Day-2 of Defensive Handgun

We start on time at 8:30 with MALFUNCTIONS: What causes them, how do you get one, which are the most popular, can you break-out with them, can you Friend them on Facebook? I kid. We’re back at the ammo-issue again combined with pilot error, and there is the loudest *click* you’ll ever hear. TAP-RACK-BANG. Some guys do the TAP-ROLL/RACK-BANG to duplicate a method of clearance for an issue that also occurs with M4 Carbines and that methodology makes everything uniform between long and short shooty-species – but the ejection port on a Carbine is like a giant hollow log (full of bugs and ants) compared to the dinky meat-bee hole on a semi-auto pistol, and the roll might induce further pistol failures when you should be busy going BANG-BANG-BANG.
Why BANG? Why not PAUSE and Swivel-Head? Because BANG! is what you set out to do and what you were intending to do when you were sorely interrupted by the loudest damn *CLICK* – and now precious seconds are leaking away, and precious bodily fluids will-be if you don’t get back to the business of BANG!
TAP-RACK – you can pause to “assess” if you must and have the time on a square range and spectators, but it’s probably just a slow-stage on the way to BANG-city.
TAP the unseated magazine that caused the *CLICK*, RACK the slide to chamber anonce, and START chewing on BANGalicous.
Hurry before it’s too late and you’re just a grease-spot on the ground.
One thing that WILL make Rainbow-Colored Sherbert in your Slurpy Brain-Freeze is when the bottom FALLS OUT…and therewith Louis related the magnificent priceless expression on a shooting competitor’s face who lost his magazine base-plate and the contents of the hollow rectangular cylinder dispersed themselves, bullets, spring and follower, all onto the deck.
Fortunately it was during a game and not on the street, or caskets and roses are the next step.
We discussed HANF-FIRES (wet powder and not all that common) and SQUIB-LOADS and other various ammo-related malfunctions, and the basic and MOST immediate problem-solver: have ANOTHER gun.
If your weapon is mainly a Badge of Office that distinguishes you from the plebain horde, and you travel mounted-up with a posse of similarly suited gear-whores you can always duck behind the fender and shout “Get ’em Charley!” But if you’re alone on the Street in a lousy, dim-lit neighborhood with none of the Mounted Patrol jockeys in sight and there’s a 350-lb barefoot drooling guy with only half-a-shirt on and a bag of bath-salts in one hand and a broken bottle in the other who’s talking to God (and you) in his LOUD voice…you may have problems that require TWO of something.
As a problem-solver the gun is just a hammer-to-nails, but everything breaks so what other problem-solvers have in common are TWO of everything: Musashi had two swords, Romans had two swords, the “good” (serious) archers have two-strings to their bow. Have a backup, and/but be prepared to run. Water-polo players wear two Speedos, or at least we did when we played those bastards from Carlemont
We discussed SMOKE-STACKS and CHIMNEYS and other WEAPON-manufacturer’s means of dealing with them: Glock vs. 1911 – and the cause thereto: ammo, recoil-spring, magazine, limp-wristing (which is more properly limp-elbowing), and extractor.
And we (he) discussed the HORIZONTAL Double-Feed, and how it endangers the shooter.
The 8-SECOND clearance that can cost you everything goes like this: 1.) LOCK back the slide, 2.) grab and YANK-DUMP the magazine, 3.) GRAB and RACK the slide as hard as you can, 4.) AGAIN and AGAIN, 5.) find a NEW magazine and insert, 6.) RACK and BOOM. It will be a MINIMUM of EIGHT seconds to clear that bastard unless you have a Glock or some other magical gun like an M&P. It takes eight seconds because it takes at least one-and-a-half seconds to consciously register in the brain at the speed you’ve been running. Try to hit the brakes at 60mph, you still go 88 feet per second before coming to a stop. Rainbows, Slurpies, and Brain-Freeze.
And the Glock “ketchup-bottle effect” – you learn something new every-day. A big old double-stack magazine with only a few left inside it, when forcibly re-seated will often flip the top round 180-degrees around, and then you’re trying to load a bullet backwards…
And if there’s NOTHING on the trigger, not even a click, the slide’s NOT IN BATTERY. (Basics like I said.)
And most of the new ZOOT-LUBE out there that just showed up is pinkish fluid that smells suspiciously like…ATF. So when youo need lube, there’s always some nearby in your car.
And then we went back to shootin’ and moving and it was somewhat better, even on the curvy/angled targets that were stacked up in a bundle with just elbows and asses exposed.
Now I have to re-think my holster choice (Galco Fletch) among other things, and given Say Uncle’s self-dispensing Comp-Tac, wither that or the Garrett Industries one that looks bitchin’ or something else entirely…


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  1. Early on, I quickly decided that IWB holsters with thumb breaks or similar retention designs were foolish. It gets caught up in your clothing, and slows down the draw, even on a good day. And, you only have to miss hitting that release once, when you desperately want that gun pointing at your problem, to conclude they are history. First thing I did was take an x-acto knife to every concealment one I had, other than shoulder rigs.

  2. If you’re considering IWB, look at Crossbreed. Can’t say enough about the comfort factor. It’s real.

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