Gunschool Tomorrow

I’m taking my Ed Brown Kobra Carry to the 2-day Basic Defensive Handgun tomorrow with Louis Awerbuck and I’m packed, loaded, excited, and nervous. It’s mainly mechanical fundamentals and that’s what I want and need: sights, trigger control, and follow-through. There will be movement and moving targets. There will be drawing and holstering SAFELY. There will be a great and relentless emphasis on SAFETY and muzzle discipline. There will be pistol manipulations to deal with malfunctions. It’s indoors so I’ll miss the beauty of nature and have my ears and body hammered by the contained and sustained concussive effects of indoor shooting, instead of letting the sound fly free in the great outdoors as the videos demonstrate. And there’s mindset – which I need to practice too. It will be hot and muggy given the local weather conditions and the indoor range. I hope I don’t trip and fall down like an idiot.


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