Repetition is “Truth”

In a world where the constant repetition of The Big Lie can effectively make it become “true” insofar as a large subset of people believe something regardless of its factual basis, constant repetition becomes a method of manufacturing “Truth.” Viz a comment left in a post at Tam’s regarding Communism, it translates to the purported “Conversation” that many anti-gun people are harping about.

Take a society of diligent, hardworking people with the same heritage and cultural values, put half of them under Communism and half under Capitalism, and come back and check the cars forty years later. Capitalism gives a range of vehicle choices ranging from the diesel Golf to the Benz 600SEL, and Communism produces the Trabant, and so few of those that they have to be rationed at that.

As Reno at West Of The West noted,

“Communism didn’t just do that to people, it did that to GERMANS!”

Again, as Ken O said,

“Look at communism and socialism like cocaine. You know it’s a bad idea. You’ve heard the horror stories. “But that will never happen to me, besides, think of how much I can get done!” it might even seem to work for a little while until addiction to cocaine or government sets in.” (my emphasis added)

In order to claim the “moral high ground” and take away your gun-rights the Anti’s “Call for a conversation.” Communism is like the so-called “conversation” that anti-gun people claim they want to have with us “crazy gun-lovers” – as if we’ve never even talked before, as if there was no evidence to contradict their skewed perspective or claims to “truth.”
And just when can we have this “Conversation” with them, where for once they don’t stock their fingers in their ears, and denying evidential reality and go, “Nah-nah-nah”??
In reality (and outside the Academic circle) this “conversation” just a Leftist academic group-exercise in browbeating criticism/self-criticism, before the court of Public Opinion (or especially/preferably behind closed-doors if possible). It’s a circular firing squad that they expect you to enter and become defeated by their repetitious circular logic and the copious Kool-aid quaffing. Repetition is key to understanding the Big Lie process.
We HAVE already had the conversation, over and over – and based on real numbers, real FACTS, and non-circular logic they always LOSE. But based on the sheer brain-rot and the insanity that it (and communism/cocaine) produces, they keep coming back *hoping* to win. This in itself is ample evidence of scientific, logical, and mental instability. And that is on display as they repeat the same mistakes and wrong-processes over and over, expecting different results or a different outcome.
Despite all the evidence and all the repeated failures to the contrary, and despite the fact that the conversation has occurred repeatedly, they act as if it has not and that they are *special* and only need to bring it up again. Talk about the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect, they has it in spades, and over ice. Trabant vs. Aston-Martin DB5 – it was already over when Bond was just a youngster drinking shaken martinis.


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