Socialism is a Tax on Stupid and Strawmen

The Bozoslature and Governor Knucklehead are doubling-down on the Titanic failures, re-builing the iceberg so they can really sink the ship. H/T Ioawhawk’s Twitterfeed , the article in question asserts an appeal to authority of one “retiree” in Santa Cruz, a Democrat “who has stopped working after a successful business career.” Funny, that name probably doesn’t mean anything to anybody in LA or anybody who reads the LA Times, but [cue music: “It’s a Small World”] in case anyone is wondering, Tony Russomanno of Santa Cruz was a highly(?) paid long-time MSM TV announcer/presence in the Bay Area, with a 17-year career working for CBS at KPIX (Channel-5), 7-years at ABC/KGO (Channel-7), and 4-years at KICU TV-36.
His Linked-In resume covers quite a bit of activism and big-story (and small) coverage over the years. He was the only radio reporter to cover the awful Peoples Temple massacre in Guyana, he covered the Exxon Valdez oil spill on-site, he conducted the first live SCUBA television broadcast, and did Exclusive world-wide television reporting from Santa Cruz following Loma Prieta earthquake. And the LA times says only this about such a noted Media personality:

The retiree is Tony Russomanno, who has stopped working after a successful business career. He knows Brown’s plan would increase his taxes, and he’s fine with that.

“It’s important to give back,” he said. “It’s only fair.”

Russomanno, a Democrat, scoffs at the warnings about rich people leaving the state if taxes go up.

“Where are they going to go? The Cayman Islands where their money is?” he said.

Cayman Islands? Can you say Strawman? Think they (LAT) might just call an old buddy to get a live quote to use?? If course there might be another and different Tony Russomanno in Santa Cruz, but the most famous one with the same political posture and THE one with Big-Media connections is this guy. He’s all over Twitter, and on YouTube, too.


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3 thoughts on “Socialism is a Tax on Stupid and Strawmen

  1. Hey, I found this piece as I was trying to trace links to an Internet Archives file I just posted. Here’s what happened. I got a cold call one evening from someone doing a survey. After I answered the questions, the caller asked if I would mind possibly being contacted by a LA Times reporter for a follow-up and I agreed. A day or so later, a reporter called and asked a couple of questions, mainly just verifying what I said in the survey. I really got the feeling that I was chosen because I represented some easily defined “position A” and would find myself “balanced” against someone representing a “position B.” It seemed like pure lazy reporting, something I had been guilty of a number of times myself. What I THINK happened was that the reporter liked my quotes, didn’t want to invest any more time in making calls to whoever else was on the list from the survey company, and gave me some generic though truthful description. I don’t know the reporter or anyone else at the Times. I do think we have to pay for the costs of living in a nation. How much we pay, and for which costs, are entirely fair subjects for discussion.

    • Thanks for responding Tony, despite the age of the post! I appreciate your position and your recognition of the Q/A aspect of the interview/survey. Stay well and enjoy the Cruz, it’s my old stomping grounds.

  2. “It’s important to give back…”
    Yeah, and when does “giving back” end? And does “giving back” really do anything positive for the economy? Or would that money do more good if it were invested/donated/squandered/whatever by the individuals who earned it?
    No, the whole “giving back” argument is a canard: More “giving back” leads to more government waste (i.e., more programs) and more government control — and that, of course, leads to everybody “owing more” to their masters. So, “giving back” just becomes an inescapable whirlpool, leading to the modern-day version of indentured servitude and The Company Store….

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