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Late as usual and the economy is crumbling , meanwhile PDB has a good advicebot post, and so does Haji – apparently culled from Vuurwppen Blog when we are all Zimbabwean millionaires…

But rather than tell YOU what YOU should have/buy/invest-in, I review what I might or might not have…

…a 5.56mm rifle – M4gery Ninja-blaster Light Low-Profile
…a .308/7.62×51 rifle – M1 Garand in .30-06 is as close as I get…
…a bolt action rifle – a M1898Krag in .30-40
…a shotgun – grandpa’s old Light Twelve  A5 humpback
…a 22LR rifle – Winchester Model 90 .22wrf
…a handgun – used Sig P220
…a handgun for concealed carry – used Sig P245
…a holster – Galco Fletch/Comp-Tac Minotaur
…a non-magnified optic -Aimpoint 3000SC
…a fixed power optic for a semi auto rifle – ??
…a fixed power optic for a bolt action rifle – ??
…a variable power optic – my Meopta Hermes spotting scope…
…an AR-15 upgrade – BCM/Vltor Gunfighter Charging Handle rail-bling
…an AR-15 rail – Light Low Profile upper has much railitude
…an AR-15 magazine – CA legal 10-round’ers
…a knife – CRKT Kit Carson M4
…a watch – ?? A what?
…a flashlight – Surefire G3
…a flashlight for carry – Surefire G2.
…rifle ammo for killing things – XM193 & LakeCity .30-06
…handgun ammo for killing things – Winchester white-box JHP
…shotgun ammo for killing things –
…practice ammo – WWB
…a handgun .22LR conversion – Sig conversion for P220
…a rifle .22LR conversion – ?


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  1. I’m still going to add some smoked Amish Bacon and a couple of my dark chocolate espresso cheesecakes (frozen) assuming EJ leaves one in the freezer.

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