Vacuum THAT!

Let robots do the work.  In Shut Up And Mop the Kitchen Floor, He Explained Bill explores the Swedish passive-aggressive woman who conducted a(nother) academic, reason-blind “study” to prove her own conclusions: Men are happier if they do the housework as they are less likely to suffer from psychological problems (Mail Online). Yeh right. I’m the Househusband domestic-worker/vacuum-pusher.  I know how to fill and unload a clothes-washer and a dish-washer, but my full-time-job Wife just bought me a Roomba whose motto is, “Let robots do the work.” – damn straight skippy VACUUM THAT! and we’ll all be happier.   (We named it Little Jimmy Kirby, after the BAR gunner in Combat! and a job I almost had in College trying to sell Kirby vacuums – almost because evidently I am really NOT cut-out for retail sales, even in on-location situations – I just always get de-selected.)

Anyhow my vacuuming (and dusting) performance has been lagging lately, and my excuse is exactly like being bored in school and looking out the window: guys who stay home and vacuum do NOT “like” to do it, and it doesn’t make them happier – we’ll just leave the “psychological issues” psychobabble to the academics who assuredly do have issues and babble.

I would much rather re-load on my tedious single-stage press, for my Garand or AR – or even COOK FOOD (yay & yum, slow-cooker “robot” does it for me!), but even as an 80% neat-freak vacuuming and “cleanliness issue” work (cleaning/dusting) is tears-of-boredom low-priority, and just I can’t push it higher up the DNA-ladder because I just can’t get emotionally invested in it. Srsly, Let robots do the work.


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2 thoughts on “Vacuum THAT!

  1. That was the other Costco option, but with the Roomba slightly cheaper on the local floor display I thought we’d give it a whirl, BUT: bigger tires and more power could lead to an interesting range-bot!!

  2. I have the Neato Robotics “Floorbot”. I can watch Floorbot work for hours, but I can’t stop imagining how cool it would be to mount a target stand on him and let him roam at 100 yards.

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