Un-mask the artificial, astroturf “Occupy” movement

The “Occupy” movement was not a spontaneous, innocent, grass-roots attempt by youth across America but a thing that was plotted and monetized and fed by forces that intended to reduce the United States to beggary. It was coordinated, and calculated, and nourished, and funded by the wealthy and elitist Left and their cadre of “professional anarchists” – some American, some Canadian, and some European.

This is not a bunch of college kids and hippies putting this thing together. Below the surface is a very dark, very ugly and very dangerous group of people. They managed to change the narrative. Their goal is to create chaos, destroy the system. They want to create anarchy, put the system in crisis and from crisis gain power.

Many of the “Occupiers” were relatively innocent dupes and fools, the kind of “useful idiots” that Stalin and the Left has always embraced for their emotionalism and thoughtless eagerness to action. Others were just hangers-on at the free party that “Occupy”” brought to various locations, with all the drugs and sex and rock-n-roll they could handle.
One organizer, Malcolm Harris, a self-described communist, lied to the Occupiers in order to get them to Zuccotti park by telling them the band Radiohead would be playing there. And just as you’d expect, a New York Times writer helped him get that message out.
As noted, some were intentionally and openly practicing “Journalism in Action,” as supporters in the Media were key in getting the message out, while also creating a misleading “narrative” – one that other reporters with an ideological bent would package and provide cover for the “movement,” giving it a Mainstream voice.


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