QTD re: phobias real and imagined: Misislamy

From Tam’s snarkalicious I’m sorry I made you riot.

Actually, “Islamophobia” may not be an accurate term at all, since “-phobia” describes fear that is irrational or out of proportion, when it has been shown over and over that a fear of Muslims losing their collective $#!+ in an orgy of burning, looting, and killing in response to “insults” that might not even be sufficient do draw more than a “Yeah? So’s your mom!” in response on any civilized elementary school playground is grounded in, not just historic example, but a clear-headed grasp of current events.


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One thought on “QTD re: phobias real and imagined: Misislamy

  1. Exactly true. But that won’t keep the Obama administration in its second term from using the Islamic’s shit-disturbing as an excuse to curtail the First Amendment. After all, he’s already indicated that he thinks we’re the ones in the wrong (if Islamists get offended), so in the interests of “doing something,” we’ll have to control anti-Islamic speech. Simple as that.

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