Media Wipeout – Change Teh Narrative

The Foreign Policy President (TM), by @johnekdahlSo lets get this straight; to provide political cover for Obama’s utterly disastrous and fecklessly disengaged Foreign Policy and especially catastrophic Mid-East Policy, AND despite prior warnings of “embassies in flames” and other publicly announced Jihad assertions of intent, Teh Media has picked an obscure, cartoonish, low-budget YouTube video of a short-film that may or may not have even been made, on which to lay blame for events now transpiring WORLDWIDE??
AND the Media has identified to the Jihadi terrorists the name and address of a maybe-American, Coptic-Christian(ist) producer of said short cartoon-film, leaving him and his family (if he even actually exists) exposed to the wrath of murderous head-choppers and sodomizing necrophiliacs?
AND in response to this wild and spurious Narrative mis-direction by their lap-dogs and Media Fellators, the White House has chosen to double-down on Stupid and seek cover behind a ridiculous and unprovable logical fallacy – a negative proof – asserting that there’s, “No Evidence’ Attacks Weren’t In Reaction To Film.
AND in a display of utter and complete contempt for the 1st Amendment the Obama Administration has pressured YouTube to Remove Video, which they persist on blaming for the world-wide “spontaneous” demonstration and rioting – as if there was NO planning involved whatsoever, in countries where you practically can’t tie your shoe without the pervasive secret police (borrowed from the Iron Curtain “security-aparatus” model) know about it?
Yeh right.


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  2. If this was not so serious I’d piss myself laughing at the idiocy of all concerned, please god send us some pols with the guts to stand up to these third rate shits.

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