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Seems like a local boy just can’t make the news no matter how hard he tries…but now he’s got his own Blogspot page. (H/T Fausta)
Naturalized American citizen and Cal Berkeley Grad (BA-Math) Rafic Mohamad Labboun Allaboun, 44, was born in Lebanon and immigrated to the U.S. in 1986. After Berkeley he got involved as an imam for the Shiite Association Bay Area (SABA) Mosque (“الرابطة الشيعية المسلمة في منطقة الخليج. SABA, Inc. Shia Association of Bay Area (SABA). 4415 Fortran Court, San Jose, CA 95134”) in nearby San Jose, California. Meh, if you look at the map it’s more like Alviso, but SJ’s beeen swallowing up all the surrounding small communities, and besides who’s counting – and he could pass for a Hispanic:


The SABA Mosque is considered by some experts in the counter-terrorism world to be strong supporters of both the Khomeinist regime and of the Hezbollah terrorist organization. Labboun was the spiritual leader at SABA until he “suddenly” returned to live in a southern neighborhood of Beirut, Lebanon, in 2002. Until that time it is believed that Labboun was the highest ranking Hezbollah member in the San Francisco Bay area.
Labboun returned several times to the SABA mosque, ostensibly to preach, for short periods, but was arrested at the San Francisco International Airport on his way back to Lebanon on January 12, 2009. Labboun was convicted by a jury on July 19, 2010, on seven counts of bank fraud. The fraud involved the creation of false lines of credit between several US banks. Credit cards and checks from those lines were then used to obtain more than $100,000 in gold from Saudi Arabia. The money is believed to have ended up in Lebanon, and was allegedly used to finance terrorist activities by Hezbollah. The money was never recovered.
After the verdicts were entered, Labboun was sentenced by Judge Ronald M. Whyte of the United States District Court of the Northern District Court of California, to 27 months in custody, followed by three years supervised release. In addition to his prison sentence, Labboun was ordered to repay the stolen funds to the defrauded banks.

Instead of going to his designated half-way house, Swingin’ Dick split to Mexico:

Instead he flew to Mexico on a false passport from Belize, the country of which the two men with whom he was arrested are citizens. The name on Labboun’s false passport was Wilhelm Dick.

Labboun was arrested along with two known Hezbollah members in Merida, the capital city of Mexico’s Yucatan state.According to the FBI, Rafic Labboun was arrested over the weekend along with two known agents from the terrorist organization Hezbollah. He was transported to a prison in Houston and made a brief court appearance on Monday.
According to InterAmerican Security Watch: In the same operation, George Abdalah Elders and Justin Yasser Safa were also arrested; both Belizeans citizens with valid migratory forms (FM1) issued by the INM.

Official sources stated that intelligence agencies from the United States were tracking down this group, allegedly part of the terrorist network of Hezbollah, this cell operates in Mexico and Central America.
So there’s ONE agency that can track loose canons who aren’t BATFE Fast & Furious weapons….

It is believed that the three were arrested because they were involved in financing activities in an attempt to bail out Hezbollah members jailed in the United States. Labboun was in violation of his parole, and while that alone may have triggered the focus by authorities, the extensive show of force by the Mexican arresting agencies contributed to speculation that much more was at stake.


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