We have this old song…

Apparently the modernist 20th century posturing of a decadent old religious mentality has utterly failed to learn from the Past, and the lessons of the 19th Century are as lot to it as the sands in a desert hourglass.
Many hope that such a failure to learn from History would bear a quickly repeated lesson, and result in a teachable moment which would include Physics and local Chemistry – with an emphasis on the useful production of glass – otherwise known as Trinitite.
We have a bunch of guys and gals who sing in a choir, and from expression and experience know the words and location of Tripoli by heart – and Benghazi is not far away. This president is acting like Neville Chamberlain was his mentor – or worse.

Benghazi AFPGetty Images

That’s just a little fire, imagine what technology can do to make it bigger…


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  1. IIRC, 0/= Chaimberlain, because he was buying time to arm and prepare, at the cost of being called a shitbag and a coward for the rest of eternity. We’re already armed and prepared, there’s no reason to appease these savages.

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