What’s up with Old Betsy?

The 69-year old 1943 Colt 1911A1 had a seizure of sorts, and after a couple magazines stopped running.
The slide was not stripping-off the top bullet in the (7-rd.) magazine, but stopping on/at/by the slide-stop – with the bullet(s) pointing down into the magwell instead of riding up. I tried it with several different magazines including the Tripp, and the same problem persisted.
It was hung-up and couldn’t (didn’t wanna) be pushed into battery either.

At the point where the slide hung-up and stopped, the slide-stop was lose enough to be pushed-out – but it was also hung–up on something…


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4 thoughts on “What’s up with Old Betsy?

  1. Hard to tell in your pictures, but is that cartridge still belled for inserting the bullet? If the taper crimp was not done, the bullet could set back in the case instead of climbing the ramp. Just a thought, and remember I have cataracts.

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