GBR VII Range Pics

We had a blast at the range!

Big Joe Huffman spotting for Barron.

Bill Quick on the SU16 – It was really great to meet Daily Pundit and rectify a comment-misunderstanding that we’d had in the past, based on my youthful inexperience and heedlessness.

Ian Harrison absolutely killing the bullseye.

Even the Rangemaster was in total Awe…

Kevin Baker offhand with the Garand.

Mr. Completely and the Ed Brown Kobra Carry drilling holes.

Drang and the mighty 10/22.

And then something went boo-boo with the old 1943 and it refused to feed…


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  1. Thanks for sharing that. I sounded like a great time for everyone that attended. I got to see some of the pictures, and everyone was smiling.

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